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Glen Robbie Illustrations: Copyright © 2006—2014 Steve Ferchaud.

Standard Edition
60 pages
First Edition. Full Color.
Hard Cover With Jacket
ISBN 978-1-58478-013-7
Temporarily Out of Print
and is Unavailable
Please Do Not Order
Glen Robbie Limited is available for a reduced price.
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Glen Robbie

A Scottish Faery Tale
Glen Robbie, A Scottish Fairy Tale takes place in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, but no one knows exactly where. It is a wondrous and magical village filled with giving and generous Highlands Fairies. But one dreadful thing will occur if the citizens of Glen Robbie cannae find someone to help. The village will vanish forever!

Many ambassadors from Glen Robbie try and fail sadly. Everyday time draws closer to the demise this wonderful wee village. But all is not lost. There are two ambassadors still away from their home and they have been gone a very long time. They were warned about the Fox and his hunger for Highland Fairy wings, his favourite treat.
The only hope for Glen Robbie is if Kera and Podwink are able to find that special someone in need. Will Glen Robbie survive?

The Limited Edition

This is the beautiful Limited Edition of the beloved Glen Robbie A Scottish Faery Tale. The provenance is in the book along with the number of the book and the signatures of both the author T.E.Watson and Steve Ferchaud the Illustrator. There were only 300 of these valued collectors editions printed, and with only 94 left, they are becoming more valuable by the minute!

The Special Limited Edition
Approximately 60 pages
Full Color. Hard Cover
ISBN 978-1-58478-013-7
New Reduced Price $30.00
was $40.00

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About The Author

T. E. Watson is one of the most prolific Children's Authors in the world today. His work spans over 145 stories and counting including his new audio books. From his Scottish Children's Stories to newest audio books he continues to amaze his readers with what he will come up with next.