Award Winning Childrens Author

Author T. E. Watson is one of the most prolific Children's Authors in the world today. His work spans over 145 stories and counting including his new audio books. From his Scottish Children's Stories to newest audio books he continues to amaze his readers with what he will come up with next.

With the abilities that T. E. Watson has developed, he is able to help generate excitement about reading and writing, and to keep that excitement generating. His motivational skills when presenting to children of all ages is known the world over. With activities specially crafted for every grade level, he is able to bring forward from the inner workings of each child's mind a world filled with imagination and wonder that reaches everyone around him.

“When a child discovers they can do something well and feel great about what they have done, that feeling stays with them. It is what makes success that much more rewarding.”
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T.E. Watson's books are prized possessions in thousands of family and school libraries the world over. All his stories convey positive messages through wonderfully entertaining story lines. His 40 years of writing and publishing experience has lead him to be known as a leader in the children’s book genre. His knowledge has helped many would-be authors achieve their goal of publication.


T.E. Watson specializes in awakening imagination in children. His school visits engage kids with interactive wordplay, games, activities, and inspiring writing exercises. Teachers, principals, librarians, and parents are amazed at the transformation the students experience and benefit from. Children who didn't like reading or writing suddenly take pencil to paper and don't want to stop!


T.E. Watson is also a writing coach for adults who are serious about developing all the skills they need to craft excellent writing and get their book published. As a speaker he inspires, encourages, teaches and demonstrates what it takes to be a successful author and writer and makes it fun all along the way.
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These two books are special editions. The Pioneer Journey Going West is a combination of all three books in the Going West Series. There is more information and is has the distinction of being less expensive that all three separately . The Pioneer Journey is $18.95, 374 pages.
Light and Stone - Essays on Writing and the Realities of Publishing is my pep talk for writers.( Also available on Amazon for Kindle Readers.
Light and Stone will answer the questions you had no idea you needed to ask. $16.95 Hard copy, 9.95 Kindle on Amazon . 232 pages
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1965: First California Young Writer
1974: API School Sports writer of the year
1989: Best Journalist Award for College Publications UC Sonoma
1991: Educator Award Sonoma County
1994: Best New Columnist for Writers of America magazine
2003: Writer of the year Michigan Readers association
2001: Best Picture Book of the Year for I Wanna Iguana
2004: Rising Star award for Children’s Genre Wigtown Scotland
2006:  Best New Book in a Children's Genre for Glen Robbie
2008: Ben Franklin Appreciation Award for Judging book competitions 6 years IBPA
2009: American Authors Association Best Author, 
2009: Best Children’s Book The Man Who Spoke With Cats
2010:  Volunteer Educator of the Year Paradise School District Friends of Education Award
2011: Sonoma County Proclamation  T.E.Watson Day  September 27 by the County Board of Supervisors
2011:  California Readers Award for Best instructional Non Fiction for Writing
2015:  Certificate of Recognition for historical excellence for The Going West Pioneer Series from the Sons of the American Revolution.
2017:  Recipient of the Jack London Award.Presented to T.E.Watson by the California Writers Club in Oakland California, July 23rd 2017.
2017: August - Awarded the Lifetime Membership Award by the North State Writers, Branch 21 of the California Writers Club.
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Jeremiah Dragonfly's Special Day

When you have a best friend, that one great, best friend in the whole world, what could you give them as a special gift?

This is Frederick Frog William's task because this day is Jeremiah Dragonfly’s Special Day. Frog William is very excited today because he wants to give his friend Dragonfly something to show how much his friendship means to him. But what could it possibly be?

Come along with Frog William into the Pinewood forest to see what he can find. With the help of some forest friends  and theirs suggestions, Frog William searches to find that perfect gift, but time is getting short, and he must have the gift before nightfall. 

Will he make it? Open the story and read along to see.
“Our students were captivated by T.E. Watson’s enthusiasm and love of literature. The kids were given the opportunity to discover their” Powerful Imaginations.” We were amazed to see how quickly he had all of students writing!”

Brandy De Alba
Teacher / Coordinator
Roosevelt Elementary School
Stockton, Ca.
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“Activities and information about the creative process left our students with an urge to create for themselves. Keeping students motivated is always a challenge, but our students were highly motivated after their meeting T.E.Watson.”

Sharron Rosedahl
Meadow Lane Elementary School
Lemoore, CA
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“What a great presentation! Thank you so much. The feed back from parents, teachers, and students was wonderful. You really motivated our students and teachers! I am so appreciative of your commitment to children.”

Casey Taylor
Achieve Charter School
Paradise, Ca.

The Man Who Spoke With Cats

The Man Who Spoke With Cats is the recipient of the American Authors Associations Golden Quill Award for Best Children's Book of 2009. Also awarding Author T.E.Watson the Best Children's Author Award for the same year.
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About The Author

T. E. Watson is one of the most prolific Children's Authors in the world today. His work spans over 145 stories and counting including his new audio books. From his Scottish Children's Stories to newest audio books he continues to amaze his readers with what he will come up with next.