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About The Author

T. E. Watson is one of the most prolific Children's Authors in the world today. His work spans over 145 stories and counting including his new audio books. From his Scottish Children's Stories to newest audio books he continues to amaze his readers with what he will come up with next.
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School Visits and Presentations

The presentations I do while visiting a school, vary from place to place and topic request to topic request. Each and every school is different and each has its own unique student body and staff. With each presentation, it requires the presentations be customized. They are not the same old song and dance of simply reading a story to the students. These presentations are far more.

I reach into the mind of each young person and helps them explore every experience of that young person’s life. I help them live inside their minds to see things like the street they live, their parents, or pets, and especially their school, their teachers and all their friends.
One of my favorite things to do is to bring several students up to the front to stand next to me and I then get them involved with an activity that helps bring their imaginations to the forefront. It is an imagination activity and always brings out the best in each student. All I can tell you is that is centered around my best selling book The Monster in the Mailbox. The actual activity you will have see for yourself. It never fails in making everyone smile.
I have always told school coordinators, my books are not just for certain grades, or this or that. All grade levels enjoy them. From my simplest and silliest book I Wanna Iguana to my chapter books The Mountain, and the Going West Series( A Pioneer History), kids and adults from all over, want more.
'The presentations T.E.Watson does are an interactive journey for his audience. Whether they be children or adults, they become welcomed and engaged to come along into the world of imagination, writing, and reading.'
The activities stem from all the techniques I have observed and developed over many years. Some of which, my sixth grade class helped me with. From Kindergarteners, one of the most important groups to get started early and correctly, to High School students, it is important to give them the tools to use writing and reading in ways they never knew about. And coming from someone who uses all the tools everyday is amazing to them. Being an author of any genre is a powerful thing, but being an author that shares those powers with young people goes far beyond anything they could do. Writing is the most valuable of learning skills. Without it we have nothing. So why not make it a great and fun experience?
“When a young person realizes the street they live on is filled with adventure, or their grandma  turns on special powers when she bakes cookies, these can be topics to write about. Their eyes open wide with the powers of their imagination, and all the things they ever knew about these special things come alive with excitement!”


“I envy his ability to conceptualize and produce literature for school children and to relate to them in a meaningful way. It is my hope that Mr Watson continue to write and produce literature for our students since we know our students should be exposed to as much creative literature as possible. T.E.Watson is a creative author who is supplying that need.”

Dr. Ray Bauer
Deputy Superintendent
Goleta Union School District
“Our students were captivated by T.E. Watson’s enthusiasm and love of literature. The kids were given the opportunity to discover their” Powerful Imaginations.” We were amazed to see how quickly he had all of students writing!”

Brandy De Alba
Teacher / Coordinator
Roosevelt Elementary School
Stockton, Ca.
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“Activities and information about the creative process left our students with an urge to create for themselves. Keeping students motivated is always a challenge, but our students were highly motivated after their meeting T.E.Watson.”

Sharron Rosedahl
Librarian, Meadow Lane Elementary School
Lemoore, CA
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“What a great presentation! Thank you so much. The feed back from parents, teachers, and students was wonderful. You really motivated our students and teachers! I am so appreciative of your commitment to children.”

Casey Taylor
Achieve Charter School
Paradise, Ca.
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“He inspires students and he gives teachers added tools to make learning to read and write fun and pull the best out of our students. Any elementary school would be fortunate to have him visit. We surely missed him when he left.”

Steve Nielsen - Principal
Burbank Elementary School
Santa Rosa, Ca.
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“Our students will greatly benefit from his talent and time. He brought an enthusiasm and motivation the kids had never experienced.”

Susan Frank
Sarah Winnemucca Elementary
Reno, NV.
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“The children were mesmerized by his imagination and story telling expertise. Watching the kids faces as he caught an imaginary ball in a paper bag was like they say, “worth the price of admission.”

Joe Murchison
Superintendent/ Principal
Gold Trail Union School District


T.E. Watson came to my 3rd grade class and did an excellent presentation, leading them through the process of imagination and creating stories.  The students got a chance to try out various forms of writing: poetry, short autobiographies, short fiction, and commentary.  They were able to illustrate their written works, and we included photographs of the students in class. 

TE Watson showed us how to create and publish a REAL bound paperback book, which the students were able to purchase for their own.  To say they were thrilled was an understatement.  The students talked about this project for days. 

Lori Haven
San Jose ,Ca