An Update to Yesterday's News

A couple days ago I announced that I would be having a book signing again at the Woodland Celtic Faire, and I would be in a different location.

Well, that is half right. Yes I will be there signing my books again, and yes I will be in a different location.
It is just the location part that isn't quite right. We got notified yesterday we will be located back in the John Rodgers Hall .
However instead of being where we have been for many years now, we
will be in the John Rodgers Hall , we will be in the Spot normally occupied by Nancy's Tea Shop. A wonderful gift store that comes to the event every year. Unfortunately Nancy will not be there this year. So, we have been assigned her position in the hall, right inside the main entry door as you come into the fair.( right after the ticket gate to the left).

We will be there for two days. Highlander Graphics will be there as vendors selling Scottish Paintings ( oil), Celtic Rubber Stamps, and , as I said before, I will be signing my books all with wonderful displays.

Please come and say hello. Take a long look at the wonderful array of Paintings of Scotland, and if you have never ventured into the world of Rubber Stamping, come by and take a look at the assortment. I believe there will be Clan Badges this year as well in Rubber Stamp form.

I look forward to seeing you all there this year.

Enjoy the games , and as always

All the Best