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Something's Afoot!

Now many of you have this title I am talking about in a previous rendering and I thank you for your support with it. But after many years and a lot of thought I have decided to give it another go. I am not telling what the title is , at least not yet. You will have to say tuned to my announcements about it.
I can tell you this. It is the completing of what was intended to be a three book story. It is not Going West, which , by the way, is doing very well in its new format. ( more information and a completely different cover than before )

Hopefully by The Pleasanton Highland Gamers and Gathering this year they will be finished by Labor Day Weekend 2018.
New and completely different illustrations, New cover and more books in the story.
This is a complete surprise to those readers who have become fans and came to love these characters.

I know it is not fair to make you wait and maybe after a little more thought I may let the cat out of the bag, but we will have to wait and see.

Now another announcement!. Not only three books this year but possibly four! The timing hopefully will be perfect with this title as well. It is called The Bulldogs. A story of never give up despite all the odds being against you. More later.

In the mean time I can tell about this title that may be released at the same time. It is a chapter book entitled The Mis Adventures of Peter Rooney Normal Kid. He does not have a magic wand or any special powers. He does not go to school in a castle, or gets involved on a mystical mountain . Peter is simply a normal kid that gets into trouble once in a while. This particular edition will be about his schools melon eating contest. Now that may sound easy enough, but Peter is missing his two front teeth. You can figure out the rest.

That is it for now- And if you are in the neighborhood of Woodland California on the dates of April 28th and 29th 2018 at the Yolo County Fairgrounds. Come by . Say Hello and get a copy of one of my books. You can have autographed as we'll if you like.
Here is the URL to the event for more information-

See you all then. Be Safe and Be well.

All the very Best