Jan 2015

What’s Coming Next


The success of book one in the Going West pioneer series has been tremendous. Goin to California is a pleasure to read and the characters jump out at you and say take me home.

In the Very Soon future the second book in the series Goin West Across the Great Divide will be released and the adventure will continue on as the Summers wagon train does it best to make it across the Rock Mountains without any casualties.

The news is now, and T.E Watson only just found out about this, there is a possibility of writing a 4, 5 and 6 books to continue the story. They have been endorsed by the National Education association not to leave out, and it is being recommended by teachers and historians all over.

This is a fun and rip roaring adventure for kids to read and get areal feel for what the real west, Not some TV show western was like. No extra clothing, no fast food, no bathrooms, and don’t forget having to bathe in local stream and rivers. Wagon Trains were dangerous, on occasion even persons of ill reputation caught rides and became part of the train. That is until he law caught up with them and hauled them off. More folks died on these trains due to diseases like cholera, measles, and later on typhoid fever, than any other cause of death along the trail. And lest we forget the wrath of mother nature...

But I am giving away too much

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