Dec 2014

Way Back When

Someone once told me that they had run into a thing that many writers run into called Writers Block. Hah! As far as I am concerned there is not writers block and there never has been. This is why.

There is always something to write about. And even though I may not be working on some specific story or article at the present moment, I am always writing something. Sometimes I am even writing two or three things at the sale time.


That is what I am doing now. I am working on five stories at the same time. But alas I am not allowed to divulge my titles just yet. But when I am allowed, I will let you know. I can tell you this. One is about a boy named Peter, some of the others are about a duck, a rabbit who goes fishing, and a fox who is new to his neighborhood, and before I forget this one, it is sort of a prequel for The Mountain. I am extremely excited about all of these stories and I hope you will be too.

So no there is no such thing as writers block. I will tell you more about it when you sign up and become part of my Writing Excellence newsletter.

Thanks for coming by!