All Three Books are Available


Going West The Pioneer Series of Three books for kids is complete!
Going To California ( book one) Across the Great Divide ( book two) , and The Feather River Adventure ( book three ), are available as a set, or if you have purchased the books one at a time, now is the time and opportunity to complete your set. The Summers Family has come to the end of their long arduous journey. They have traveled thousands of miles on foot, ( only their belongings rode in the wagon) all the way from Garden City, Minnesota to Northern California in Butte County to be more accurate.
The families of the wagons train only wanted one thing , and that was to arrive to a new land with new opportunities. To live a new way of life. To prosper and grow. Some wanted to mine for gold and whatever else they could . Some wanted to simply farm, in a land that was not so harsh as Minnesota, where the weather can change at a moments notice and the winters cold can pass right through you without saying a beg your pardon.
New lives , new ways of living, and new ways of growing families. They had made it to the land of big trees, big land for farming or ranching, and even bigger opportunity.

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