Light and Stone and New New New Stories!

In my travels over many years I have been asked many questions about writing. While I couldn't very well answer meaty questions while signing books or after a lecture, I did keep a list of the questions. When my agent suggested I write the book, I had over 300 questions about all phases of the writing and publishing process: How do I get started? Do I need an agent? What should I write about? How do I get published? and so on.
A lot of would be writers are sincere and eager people who have something valuable to share. I mention this because when new writers sink their teeth into writing they have no clue how time consuming and difficult it really is. Light and Stone will guide them along this path.
"You make it look so easy," they would say. This book will help you along a very narrow pathway keeping you from stumbling and encouraging you to keep going on a very hard, yet very satisfying and rewarding journey.

Light and Stone Mockup 2 copy

My new book, "Light and Stone Essays on Writing and the Realities of the Publishing Industry" has 34 chapters with answers to questions you never knew you needed to ask.Light and Stone has been called a literary pep talk.

It's in final editing and will be ready in 30 days or so. (I am currently working on another book on writing and publishing. It will be released  sometime in 2018.)
I have more on the horizon as well. Not only have I been concentrating on the how–to book, but I have also been busy been working on my murder mysteries. The first is entitled A Murder of Crows. There is a second and even a third,  all three with the same protagonist (good guy character) and all, strangely enough, take place in the San Francisco Bay Area. And also, strangely enough all of them have something to do with a particular SF politician. These are an ongoing project. I have found them to be especially difficult to write because it's new territory for me. Lots of research and site locations were scoped out to make it as accurate a story as possible.
 Lastly, and this is so my children's book fans do not think I have given up on them; there is soon to be a completely new release of Mom Can I Have a Dragon, and George and the Pet Parade, the second book of the three. (Yes, I said three Mom Can I Have a Dragon books.) For those of you who have a first edition this First edition will look entirely different, and they will be even more entertaining.
To top it all off I am finishing a wonderful bunch of new chapter books for elementary grades. The Mis-Adventures of Peter Rooney, a story of a small town kid who finds himself in all sorts of situations, and The Bull Dogs, a true story about a girls’ basketball team that couldn't even dribble who goes on to win the state championship.
And lest we forget we are busy planning the re-release of Glen Robbie A Scottish Faery Tale and Return to Glen Robbie.
So, there is lots going on in my world. And if you have found me somewhat invisible I have been busy typing away behind my computer. Oh! I almost forgot one thing: My first collection of children's poems will be released this year towards Christmas time. 

Thanks for checking this all out and I hope to hear fro you all very soon. Have a great week!

All the Best

T.E. Watson