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Standard Edition
60 pages
First Edition. Full Color.
Hard Cover With Jacket
ISBN 978-1-58478-013-7
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and is Unavaliable
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Glen Robbie Limited is available for a reduced price.

Glen Robbie

A Scottish Faery Tale
Glen Robbie, A Scottish Fairy Tale takes place in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, but no one knows exactly where. It is a wondrous and magical village filled with giving and generous Highlands Fairies. But one dreadful thing will occur if the citizens of Glen Robbie cannae find someone to help. The village will vanish forever!

Many ambassadors from Glen Robbie try and fail sadly. Everyday time draws closer to the demise this wonderful wee village. But all is not lost. There are two ambassadors still away from their home and they have been gone a very long time. They were warned about the Fox and his hunger for Highland Fairy wings, his favourite treat.
The only hope for Glen Robbie is if Kera and Podwink are able to find that special someone in need. Will Glen Robbie survive?

The Limited Edition

This is the beautiful Limited Edition of the beloved Glen Robbie A Scottish Faery Tale. The provenance is in the book along with the number of the book and the signatures of both the author T.E.Watson and Steve Ferchaud the Illustrator. There were only 300 of these valued collectors editions printed, and with only 94 left, they are becoming more valuable by the minute!

The Special Limited Edition
Approximately 60 pages
Full Color. Hard Cover
ISBN 978-1-58478-013-7
New Reduced Price $30.00
was $40.00

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Jeremiah Dragonfly's Special Day

A special day deserves a special surprise!
Today is Jeremiah Dragonfly's Special Day, and a special day deserves a special surprise! The Pine wood forest is alive and full of kindness and energy. Frederick Frog William awakened to a warm sunrise and hot chocolate. Looking to the calendar on his wall he remembered that today was a special day for his best friend Jeremiah Dragonfly. 

There are so many surprises and gifts he could get for Jeremiah, but what would he like the best.Frog William heads out into the forest with his best blue vest with silver buttons to ask the others who live in the forest, what they they think Jeremiah might like. But Wiliam only has a day to figure this out and get JD the perfect gift. 

What could it be?Turn the pages and see what Frog William does for his best friend and his just because special day.

42 pages
Full Color, Dust Jacketed
Hard Cover, Illustrated
Smythe Sewn Binding
ISBN- 978-1-58478-042-7

I Wanna Iguana

The silliest book T. E. Watson has ever written!
I Wanna Iguana is the silliest book T.E.Watson has ever written. It is filled with imagination and all the reasons any young person can come up with to tell a parent why they should have a pet. Everything from Iguanas are educational, they don't take up much space, and they don't eat much.

All being told while the boy is imagining a dinosaur like creature that could live in his house. This very popular and award winning children's book is one of the best T. E. Watson has come up with. It is fun, fanciful and completely wonderful. See how many iguana things you can find in this book.

32 Pages
Hard Cover. Full color.
Ages - All
ISBN- 1-58478-009-6
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Going West — Book One

Pioneers to California always had the nagging question, “Will we make it?”
Katie has to write a report for school about how her ancestors came to California. Asking her Grandma, she gets the information straight from the source as her grandmother tells her the fascinating story.

In the year 1852 the American Pioneer migration to California was in full swing. Thousands of folks, hoping to fulfill a dream in a new land, journeyed westward to make a better life for their families.

Sacrificing everything they worked for, they packed up. Many endured disease, extreme weather, rough terrain, persons of ill reputation, natural obstacles, and the constant thought of “are they going to make it?”

178 pages
Soft Cover
For ages grade 4 -7.
ISBN- 978-1-58478-046-5
Price $9.95

Going West — Book Two

Across The Great Divide
The Summers wagon party made it to the point of no return. For some. For others it was the time they needed to make the decision of forging ahead or to head back. But none did. They head over the point in the Rockies called the Saddle, a point that was not as high but no less treacherous. It proved so for many families. They often met with deadly disease, people of notorious character, and forces of destruction from mother nature herself. They all pulled together to show, not only themselves, but one another, and to the worlds they left behind that the journey of hope could be done.

Soft Cover
ISBN- 978-1-58478-049-6
For ages grade 4 -7

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Going West — Book Three

The Feather River Adventure
California, the wonderful land that everyone only dreamed of calling home, was just over the rise. They all suffered along the trail. Every trial and tribulation anyone could endure had been laid before them on the trail, but they survived.
Now they had to take on the worst The Feather River and its vicious currents. It was famous for destroying boats , rafts and you name it. Anything that tried to travel down it. It was the last thing that was in their way before they could truly say they were home.

Soft Cover
ISBN- 978-1-58478-056-4
Soft Cover
146 Pages

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The Man Who Spoke With Cats

AAA's Best Children's Book of The Year for 2009
The Man Who Spoke With Cats is the award winning recipient of the prestigious Best Children's Book of The Year for 2009 presented by the American Authors Association.

Blue Eyes the siamese has gone missing. No one has seen her for days. Why would she leave her home. She has never left before. The gentle little siamese has been tired of late and the family is worried about her. Where could she be and what is she doing?

It is an original folktale set in the beautiful backdrop of the southern region of Dumfries, Scotland. The illustrations are drawn from the area as well as being written right there. This is a wonderfully written story. It is everything a reader would want in a children's book!

Suitable for all readers of every age range.

44 pages length
Full color
Hard Cover
ISBN 978-1- 58478-019-9
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The Monster In The Mailbox

A laugh out loud funny book!
The Monster in the Mailbox is a drop dead funny book. This story tells the tale of the antics of a younger brother who loves to tease his older sister. She (Cynthia) comes up with a way to help Timmy (the younger brother) mend his ways. Timmy's second favorite thing to do in the whole world is to harass his older sister. His most favorite is getting the family's daily mail from the mailbox. Cynthia is fed up and decides to put and end to his tormenting. Can you guess what will happen? Will Timmy stop teasing and learn a lesson? Never before has the subject of Teasing and Bullying been approached in such a meaningful and funny way.

32 Pages
Full Color
Soft Cover ( Paper back)
ISBN -978-1-58478-043-4
Price $12.95
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The Mountain

"The adventure of a lifetime!" The Daily Telegraph
Thomas never had any idea that when he and his friend Mr. Parker were gathering firewood from the hillsides in back of their farms, he would ever become part of some far bigger plan. One kind act of caring was transformed into the most noble and courageous journey any twelve year old boy could have imagined.

178 pages
Soft Cover
For ages grade 4 - 7.
ISBN- 978-1-58478-046-5
Price $12.95


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About The Author

T. E. Watson is one of the most prolific Children's Authors in the world today. His work spans over 145 stories and counting including his new audio books. From his Scottish Children's Stories to newest audio books he continues to amaze his readers with what he will come up with next.