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Going West Illustrations
Copyright © 2006- 2015 Steve Ferchaud.

Going West

Book One: Going To California
Katie has to write a report for school about how her ancestors came to California. Asking her Grandma, she gets the information straight from the source as her grandmother tells her the fascinating story.

In the year 1852 the American Pioneer migration to California was in full swing. Thousands of folks, hoping to fulfill a dream in a new land, journeyed westward to make a better life for their families.

Sacrificing everything they worked for, they packed up. Many endured disease, extreme weather, rough terrain, persons of ill reputation, natural obstacles, and the constant thought of “are they going to make it?”

Subjects: Historical Pioneer history, western migration, gold rush, 1852.
Grade level 4 Grade and up.

Soft Cover
ISBN 978-1-58478-047-2
Approximately 104 pages
Illustrated Chapter book
19 Chapters

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Going West Illustrations
Copyright © 2006- 2015 Steve Ferchaud.

Going West

Book Two: Across The Great Divide
The Summers wagon party made it to the point of no return. For some. For others it was the time they needed to make the decision of forging ahead or to head back. But none did. They head over the point in the Rockies called the Saddle, a point that was not as high but no less treacherous. It proved so for many families. They often met with deadly disease, people of notorious character, and forces of destruction from mother nature herself. They all pulled together to show, not only themselves, but one another, and to the worlds they left behind that the journey of hope could be done.

Soft Cover
Approximately 115 pages
Illustrated Chapter book
19 Chapters
ISBN- 978-1-58478-049-6

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Going West Illustrations
Copyright © 2006- 2015 Steve Ferchaud.

Going West

Book Three: The Feather River Adventure

California! They made it! None of the deserts or miserable weather, running out of food, and all the rest they endured, kept them from their glorious destination.Before them lay rich farmland, thick forests, gold fields and the Pacific Ocean. They all thought what a wonderful day! But what about the trail pirates, the treacherous Feather River, and the mining towns that were not so friendly to new families?There was no way they were heading back now.These families have gone through the worst the trail could give them, or did they !

Soft Cover Soft Cover
Approximately 146 pages
Illustrated Chapter book
22 Chapters
ISBN- 978-1-58478-051-9

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Want to spend some quality reading time with a book that will grab you quickly and hold your interest all the way through? Going West, the story of a family in a wagon train going to California, is destined to climb onto the best seller lists and stay there for some time to come because it holds your interest and keeps you reading. It sneaks up on you, telling an old, familiar tale in a way that opens new vistas, new ways of thinking.

Designed for both school literacy programs and the individual reader, it is an attractive and interesting story that holds your interest from chapter to chapter. Full of cliffhangers, it makes you want to continue reading so you can find out what happens next. It’s fun and yet full of interesting information.

The character development for each of the protagonists is strong and well developed. You can empathize and understand each person. Plots and subplots are clearly pictured and the story is full of unexpected and intriguing twists and turns.

If you, like me, can remember the deadly dull reading books we had to plow through in school, then here is something new that going to make you want to dance and sing. Going West is a total delight.


T. E. Watson has written a book that can easily fit into a larger study plan and can be used to develop further areas in many different areas. Based on a true story, it tells a completely believable story about the interaction between different cultures. Over and over again, the plot brings the reader up short. Well researched and well written, Watson’s plot uses the children on the wagon train to tell his story and the result is a fast paced, vivid and striking tale. Watson paints colorful pictures with his words, letting the reader see the familiar through new eyes.

Having grown up on a steady diet of stories about cowboys and Indians, about the constant subjugation of the American continent and the Native Americans, who lived upon it, it is a pleasure to read a story where there is not only a positive interaction between these two cultures, but an openness and willingness to listen accept each other’s differences and similarities.

Going West is a book that will open new doors for its readers. It is highly recommended.

Barb Nielsen / Olawan Editing Services

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About The Author

T. E. Watson is one of the most prolific Children's Authors in the world today. His work spans over 145 stories and counting including his new audio books. From his Scottish Children's Stories to newest audio books he continues to amaze his readers with what he will come up with next.