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The Monster In The Mailbox

teasing and bullying has never been covered before in such a manner. Kids love this book!
When I wrote what I refer to as Monster in the first draft, it went down on paper as a completely different storyline. It was nothing at all what it turned out to be as the award winning book. I was sitting in line in my truck at the post office of the small town I lived in at the time waiting my turn to place whatever mail I had , in the big blue mailbox. This was a daily ritual of sorts, because everyone in town at 5 o’clock put on this parade of mail deliveries. At least everyone who business at the post office.

I was several cars back, just in sight of a green SUV. IN that SUV was a lady who apparently had a pile of mail more unmanageable than she could hold. I saw the entire incident from my venue and as I watched this woman holding this pile of stacked large envelopes and what not, I noticed she was trying to open the box door with her left elbow.

She, in some very awkward fashion, was successful in opening the door, but at the same time she reached over while holding this door, again in an awkward fashion, and as quickly as she could without dropping any of the mail jammed it all inside the opening, where she not only managed to get the mail inside partway, but also got here hands and arms wedged and was stuck in the mailbox. She tried to get loose. The more she tried to get out of the mailbox the deeper she went into the mailbox. I thought at that second it appears that something has her and is not going to let here go. It is puling her into the mailbox, which was big enough to hold her entire human form.

I immediately got out my pad of writing paper which I have on hand at all times and began to write the first draft of Monster.

The woman was frantic. Several people got out of their cars and tried to help her out , but it was not working. Finally one of the postal workers came out , opened the hatch below, then reached up to help here let go of the mail she had, thereby allowing here to escape the mailbox. So it all ended well. Needless to say she will never do that again.

It is from that show that I wrote of the most successful stories for children I have ever done. In its final form it turns out that Timmy, a brand new first grader, has two great enjoyments. One is the have the privilege of getting the family mail every day, and the other is to tease his older sister. Cynthia, who is a sixth grader, has a decided she has had enough and comes up with a way to help Timmy realize that teasing her has got to stop.

The Monster In The Mailbox is funny, laugh out loud funny in fact. It is timeless in its subject matter of teasing and bullying. The topic had never been covered before in such a manner. Kids love this book!

soft cover
full color volume.
2nd edition.
32 pages
Look soon for the audio book too.

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About The Author

T. E. Watson is one of the most prolific Children's Authors in the world today. His work spans over 145 stories and counting including his new audio books. From his Scottish Children's Stories to newest audio books he continues to amaze his readers with what he will come up with next.