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All Illustrations
Copyright © 2006- 2014 Steve Ferchaud.

The Man Who Spoke With Cats is the winner of the 2009 Best Children’s Book of the Year Award presented by the American Authors Association. They also named Author T.E. Watson
Author of the Year for 2009 for this book.
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The Man Who Spoke With Cats

Based on a story set in the beautiful regions of Dumfries and Galloway in southern Scotland.
The Man Who Spoke With Cats is based upon a original story, more of an explanation really, told to the author by his Grandmother. It was her way of explaining where and what she had been doing for a time while away helping a dear friend. It is one of the most emotionally charged stories T. E. Watson has ever written. It is heartwarming, yet one that has made many readers well up with tears. The reader will feel Macgregor’s worry as much as he does. A must have book for every cat person.

My Grandmother and I were as close as a young kid could be. She made sure I was behaving and that I obeyed my mother, did well in school and did my chores at home. She took me almost everywhere. We did most everything together. Shopping, walking to the park and most of al she shared her love of writing with me. She read me stories, showed me how she wrote them, and then one day she took me aside and gave a gift ,only to me, that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

It was not a gift you could hold in your hands, or play with, or wear in the physical sense. It was one, that, according to her, she was only giving to me. Not my brother or sister, or anyone else in the family. You see my Gran was a writer, quite a good one, she had a few books written and published back in the 1930’s when she was a younger lady and won a few awards back then. That passion was still with her and would be until the day she passed.

She gave me here gift and passion for writing. It was not until years later into my teens that I realized everything I did had some relationship to or for writing. From journalism to magazine articles, special essays on writing, to where I am today in writing stories for children.

The travels and experiences I have encountered have all been valuable to the journey I embarked on so long ago. The places I’ve been and the people I have met have become parts and pieces of my characters, my scenes, the overall plot lines, and many times the way my writing voice has evolved. I thank them all for the time we spent together, even though we may have never met.

The story of The Man Who Spoke With Cats is an gentle story for readers who appreciate animals and the gifts they present to us. This story brings the feeling of love and being needed that each of us, as humans, are given by our beloved animal family members.

It is a story of giving to others. It is an original story written in the beautiful regions of Dumfries and Galloway in southern Scotland. The Man Who Spoke With Cats is an emotional story of friendship and family, loyalty and caring, dignity and wonder, and most of all hope. All these things are in the pages of this heartwarming book.

Suitable for all readers of every age range.

44 pages length
Full color
Hard Cover
ISBN 978-1- 58478-019-9

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All Illustrations
Copyright © 2006- 2014 Steve Ferchaud.

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About The Author

T. E. Watson is one of the most prolific Children's Authors in the world today. His work spans over 145 stories and counting including his new audio books. From his Scottish Children's Stories to newest audio books he continues to amaze his readers with what he will come up with next.