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About The Author

His school visits are dynamic, inspiring, and creatively structured for each individual grade level.
T. E. Watson is an award winning children’s author, columnist in the US and Canada, speaker, philanthropist and last but certainly not least a Scotsman. His career has spanned the many aspects of the publishing industry.

Having started by accident from the efforts of some 35 6th graders (he was a teacher), his writings have taken readers to worlds they can revisit again and again. From his most recent travels back to Scotland in The Man Who Spoke With Cats and his best selling Glen Robbie: A Scottish Fairy Tale, to the popular educational and historical pioneer series Going West, his readers keep coming back for more, wondering to which magical land he is going to take them next.

He is the author of some 130 stories and now 5 new audio book productions and 12 new books being completed for children... and he says he has slowed a bit!

With over 40 years in the writing world doing everything from reporting to writing for magazines and technical manuals, to political essays for national, as well as environmental issues. He has also penned many Guides and teaching curriculums for schools throughout the country. He has written adult works, and even horror, but his first love will always be the Children’s genre.

His research and studies in Literature of the U.K, with a focus on Children’s Writers, with a more focused study of Robert Louis Stevenson earned T.E. the very prestigious FSA Fellowship from the Royal National Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2003.

T. E Watson is passionate about writing and continues to develop that passion. “You must have compassion as well as passion to help those who would also like to write excellent work as it should be.”

T. E.Watson has in his past been a President of The Northern California Publishers and Authors, is a member of the SCBWI Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, member of the California Writers Club, as well as many organizations overseas. He is very active in his Scottish organization community and is determined to never retire from writing for children.

With more and more coming he is presently working on his final rewrites of two chapter book trilogies for children, and being recently commissioned to write two “how to” books on writing and marketing. His pet project is a book for authors Presenting Successful School Visits. Having become known as the Guru of School Presentations his reputation for motivating and making reading and writing exciting has earned him great acclaim all over America.

He is available for further speaking engagements as well as visits to schools. He also mentors and coaches writers part time when he has breathing space!
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The Imaginician

Internationally appreciated author of children’s books and school presentations, TE.Watson became known as the “Imaginician” because of his ability to combine imagination with technical know how (technician) with a hint of magician included, which he adeptly shares with children, empowering them to discover their own unique imaginician.

His school visit are dynamic interactions with the students where he creates inspiring, engaging dialogue and activities creatively structured for each individual grade level. The children leave these assemblies or classroom workshops far more passionate and excited about reading and writing than ever before.

“To motivate and excite a child to read, and keep them excited is the ultimate reward for all authors. It is our task as writers to keep the eyes of the reader glued to the words we place onto paper. To generate the imaginations that all readers have within, whether they know it or not. It is our job to bring those visions forth into a world the reader will relate.
T. E. Watson

Readers , no matter what age, should be given the opportunity to know words and to know books of most every genre. The individual imagination must be exercised to keep the mind alive. It must be driven through a sort of calisthenics to keep it strong.

“All writers must keep their skill and craft as precise as possible. If the writer allows their words to fall to the ground, the words will die a harsh death. Writing is the life blood of reading. They are sister and brother in the same family.
T. E. Watson


1965: First California Young Writer
1974: API School Sports writer of the year
1989: Best Journalist Award for College Publications UC Sonoma
1991: Educator Award Sonoma County
1994: Best New Columnist for Writers of America magazine
2003: Writer of the year Michigan Readers association
2001: Best Picture Book of the Year for I Wanna Iguana
2004: Rising Star award for Children’s Genre Wigtown Scotland
2006:  Best New Book in a Children's Genre for Glen Robbie
2008: Ben Franklin Appreciation Award for Judging book competitions 6 years
2009: American Authors Association Best Author, 
2009: Best Children’s Book The Man Who Spoke With Cats
2010:  Volunteer Educator of the Year Paradise School District Friends of Education Award
2011: Sonoma County Proclamation  T.E.Watson Day  September 27 by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors
2011:  California Readers Award for Best instructional Non Fiction for Writing
2015:  Certificate of Recognition for historical excellence for The Going West Pioneer Series from the Sons of the American Revolution.


“As a Grandmother of four small children it was to my delight to find out my Long time friend, T.E.Watson had become a writer of children's books. Every Night at bedtime is story time and Grandma got to do the reading! "The Man Who Spoke with cats" is a very endearing tale about love and companionship. "Glen Robbie a Scottish fairy tale"about the Scottish Highlands is Beautifully writing and illustrated. It is all about secret villages and fairy folk. Told in true Highland story telling it captivates the children's imagination right away. One of my favorites and theirs , it has been read over and over many nights.”

"The Mountain" is a captivating book about Friends, People and animals coming together to save their precious mountain and friend from evil. The book illustrates friendship, working together and courage ! I recommend this book highly to the age group of 9-adults. Its a bit scary for the younger ones.”

Susan McBride
“To all out there who love to read, are avid readers, promote reading with their children, love and appreciate good quality children's literature: If you don't already know about T E Watson, go check out his page, order his books. Any of them. ALL of them! You'll be thrilled that you did. ALL of T.E.'s books are ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL! They're quality tales told by a truly gifted and special man. I honestly can't say enough about T.E. Watson or his work. He truly is a wonderful man, through and through, one who truly cares about quality literature for children, but also for anyone, for the young and for the young at heart. Believe me, he definitely has the credentials to say he's a true advocate for literacy and education, for producing and promoting quality family-friendly literature. Once you've picked up a T.E. Watson book, you'll be hooked, and that, my friends, is something to be proud of.”

Lisa Flagg Benjamin
“My first introduction to children’s author T.E. Watson was in an assembly at my Elementary School in California. He captivated our students by introducing his books through his talent of creating and sharing his storybook puppets.

One of my favorite books he wrote is called, "Mom, Can I Have a Dragon?" This book hooks children from the very beginning. I know that many children have a pet or wish they did and can identify with the clever story. They learn, through the written word and pictures, what it could be like to have their perfect pet.
TE Watson has a special unique way of guiding and helping each child to express themselves through our school's writing process. You know by meeting him that he loves children and sharing his gift and time with them in their classrooms. He encourages and motivates them to appreciate their unique style of writing.”

Dianne Morton

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About The Author

T. E. Watson is one of the most prolific Children's Authors in the world today. His work spans over 145 stories and counting including his new audio books. From his Scottish Children's Stories to newest audio books he continues to amaze his readers with what he will come up with next.